Tune Up

If it seems like you’ve been to filling up your car more frequently than you used to, it’s probably not just your imagination. Overtime, the engine of your car will begin to lose some of its horsepower while at the same time experiencing a drop in fuel efficiency. Luckily, there is something you can do about it. At Camarillo Auto Care, we have been tuning up engines to make them achieve peak performance for years.

The main culprit for lagging engine performance is usually a set of old or worn down spark plugs. If you notice any lagging fuel efficiency or engine performance, or if your car fails to start up as well as it used to, you likely need to get your spark plugs changed by a qualified mechanic. Additionally, since new spark plugs can boost your car’s efficiency, they can result in fewer emissions. If you recently failed the California-mandated smog test by a slim margin, a new set of spark plugs can be just what your car needs to push it over the top into a passing grade. Luckily, the same mechanics at Camarillo Auto Care who perform smog tests can also give you a new set of spark plugs all in the same visit.

In addition to a general engine tune up, a visit to Camarillo Auto Care is also a great time to take advantage of one of our other service options like an oil change or an air conditioning repair job. There are many aspects of their vehicle that drivers tend to neglect over time, but our seasoned mechanics always know what to look out for. A full and thorough inspection from one of our technicians may catch an important problem that needs to be addressed before it gets worse and more expensive. To schedule an appointment for an engine tune-up today, call us at (805) 987-1360.

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