Smog Check

The State of California requires that most vehicles on the road today get a smog check every two years to ensure that it is not omitting an exorbitant amount of pollutants. Because of the sheer volume of vehicles, Los Angeles’ is one of the country’s most polluted cities when it comes to smog. Thankfully, the smog test mandate and other anti-pollution laws have brought pollution down significantly in recent years. Even better, you don’t have to go far to get your car tested. Camarillo Auto Care is a STAR certified provider of smog tests. Additionally, we are able to make all of the necessary repairs to any vehicle that fails to pass their scheduled smog test. While many people fret over the thought of their car not passing the test, we can make sure that is back on the road with a passing emission score in no time at all.

While many customers specifically come to Camarillo Auto Care to get their car tested for smog emissions, others combine a smog test with one of our many other fine services like an oil change or an air conditioning repair job. We've been in business since 1985 because our customers trust us to do the top-quality mechanical work that they expect, at the low prices that they love. Just as our customers appreciate the quality of work we’ve done for them over the years, we appreciate their friendship and loyalty to our business.

We want to protect our customers just as we want to protect the quality of our air, so we make sure that each repair is done efficiently and correctly. If you need to schedule an appointment to get your vehicle checked for smog emissions, or if you are curious about the other services and rates offered by Camarillo Auto Care, call our friendly and professional staff at (805) 987-1360 today.

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