More Than Just Oil Changes

Every responsible auto owner knows that they need to change the oil in their car every three to five thousand miles. Although a lot of gearheads take pride in their ability to change their own oil, it is a valuable time to make sure that there aren’t other problems with your car. Bringing your car into Camarillo Auto Care Inc. several times a year for an oil change in Oxnard is a great opportunity for a qualified, certified mechanic to check your vehicle for any number of problems that could pass by you unnoticed. Our experienced mechanics can inspect your vehicle and catch major problems that could severely reduce the life of your vehicle.

Even if you change your oil yourself instead of taking your car in to getting an oil change in Ventura, you can still have a mechanic check your car out when you go in to take a smog check. For years, Camarillo Auto Care Inc. has been the go-to place to get a smog check in Ventura because of our expertise and affordable rates. In addition to doing the California mandated testing, we can also make any necessary repairs to the vehicle to bring it into smog compliance. And, while your car is in the shop, we can also examine the whole of your vehicle to make sure that there are no major problems that could put you in danger while on the road.

At Camarillo Auto Care, we have been working hard to keep our customers’ cars in outstanding mechanical shape since 1985. Our years of experience allow us to properly diagnose what your car needs better than the competition, at prices that are fair and affordable.

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